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Supporting countries

Our supporting countries are committed to contributing through financial, technical and political support. Supporting countries contribute financially on an annual, project support basis or through multi-year commitments to assure the long-term funding of the management of the EITI International Secretariat. Supporting countries are also encouraged to provide direct financial, technical and political support for activities in countries implementing the EITI Standard

Our supporting countries are represented in the EITI Board and Board Committees. Board members are senior representatives of their governments, which are demonstrably giving financial, political, or technical support to EITI implementation and who comply with the Supporting Countries Constituency Guidelines.  

For more information on how to become a supporting country, please contact Shemshat Kasimova.

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Supporting countries partner with the EITI

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the channel through which the
The French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs (MEAE)
The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible for
The Government of Denmark supoports the EITI through its Ministry
The Government of Australia supports the EITI through DFAT. The
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (MOFA) is a cabinet-level
The European Union (EU) is an active player in the development
The Government of Canada supports the EITI International
The Government of Swizerland supports the EITI thorugh the State
The Belgian Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and
Finland’s support to the EITI is part of the Government of Finland’
The United States Government supports the EITI International
The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) pursues UK’
The Government Offices form a single, integrated public authority
The Government of Germany supports the EITI through the Federal