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The EITI adopts a new visual identity

Emerging global trends, increasing interconnectivity and rapid digitisation are changing the game for extractives transparency. As the EITI pushes new boundaries, we adopt a refreshed visual identity that reflects our diversity and forward-looking agenda.

Looking back, moving forward

The EITI has come a long way since its inception in 2003. Over the past 13 years, a staggering USD 2.5 trillion worth of revenues has been disclosed by its ever-growing network of 50+ EITI-implementing countries. The EITI Standard, soon to be launched in its sixth iteration, has evolved to be about far more than just revenue transparency; it has broadened its scope to reflect emerging priorities on the global agenda and respond to demands from the global community. Moving forward, the Standard will include requirements on environmental, social and gender data, as well as disclosures on beneficial owners, contracts and first trades.

Open data, build trust

At a time when multilateralism and international rules are weakening, the EITI has continued to bring together governments, industry and civil society, promoting informed debate, better decision making and inclusive development. By strengthening transparency and governance systems, the EITI is a platform that builds trust between different stakeholders.  

The world is also becoming more digital, and the EITI must also adapt to new ways of working and disclosing data. Strong and accessible open data systems ensure better efficiency and transparency, thereby increasing accountability. With several countries already publishing extractives data online, systematic disclosure is becoming more mainstream, and will soon become the new norm. The EITI Global Conference in Paris is an opportunity for countries to commit to this agenda and showcase early progress.

As the multi-stakeholder EITI model evolves from reports to reporting, we adopt a refreshed identity that embraces the move to opening governments and building trust.   

A new logo

Strong brands capture the essence of who they are. With this in mind, we undertook a critical evaluation of our visual identity to consider how it could better reflect the EITI in 2019. We wanted to present an EITI that is assertive, collaborative, inclusive and in tune with the interconnected, digitised global landscape. Our new logo also needed to convey a sense of universality to represent our diversity and be easily adopted by our implementing countries across the globe.

From opacity to transparency

Keeping to a blue colour scheme, our acronym is presented as a gradient, with hues progressing from dark to light. This conveys our core business: fostering transparency in an ostensibly opaque industry. It also signifies how countries progress against the EITI Standard over time.

A global standard

A white line cuts through the top of each letter, symbolising that the EITI Standard raises the bar for transparency across the global community.

Strengthening governance

The blade-like and pointy edges on the letters have been softened. The EITI is still ‘transparency with teeth’ but the core of the work today is about building up government and corporate reporting systems. The block-like structures of each letter brings this to the forefront.

Open data in a digital era

The EITI is striving to make information more accessible through open data formats. The dash-dot-dash-dot element on the top of our new logo illustrates that we are adapting our mandate and our way of working to a digital world.  

See our logo policy for more resources and information about our visual identity.

Many thanks to TANK for their brilliant work and collaboration in designing our new visual identity.