Webinar: EITI Requirement 6.2: Quasi-fiscal expenditures – ANG Africa

Where state participation in the extractive industries gives rise to material revenue payments, implementing countries must include disclosures from state-owned enterprises on their quasi-fiscal expenditures.

Quasi-fiscal expenditures include arrangements whereby SOE(s) undertake public social expenditure such as payments for social services, public infrastructure, fuel subsidies and national debt servicing, etc. outside of the national budgetary process. You may read Guidance on quasi-fiscal expenditures for more information on this topic.

This webinar covered introduction to quasi fiscal expenditures and country case studies on disclosure of quasi fiscal expenditures. 

  • Title:      EITI Requirement 6.2: Quasi-fiscal expenditures– Anglophone
  • Who:      MSGs members, National coordinators and staff of national secretariats
  • When:    Tuesday 11 August 2020 from 11:00 - 12:30 CEST
  • Where:    Zoom

Click here to access the recording of the session.