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Promoting public awareness about how countries manage their oil, gas and mineral resources.

The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative

  • 51
    implementing countries
  • 31
    are compliant with the 2011 EITI Rules
  • 1.9
    trillion USD revenues disclosed in EITI Reports
  • 290
    fiscal years covered in EITI Reports

Improving transparency and governance along the value chain

Natural resources, such as oil, gas and minerals should benefit all citizens. Implementation of the EITI ensures transparency and better management of the steps along this value chain, and is overseen by a multi-stakeholder group in each country.

"Peace and security are better guaranteed when the citizens have access to basic social amenities, hope in their future which can come by prudent management of natural resources by their governments"
Clare Short, former Chair of the EITI

In governing natural resources, leaders of a country oversee the decision to extract up to the use of revenues generated from resource extraction. 

Follow the value chain below to find out what the EITI asks countries and companies to publish.